Just ‘cause I really love my lips in this one and my para is on point ♥ #LTA #NeoFever #ThrowBackThursday #ThisWasLikeAMonthAgo #SoIGuessItCounts

Blaze Pizza is TheBomb.com #BlazePizza #BlazinIt #TheBloodOrangeLemonadeIsToDIEFor #ThanksBritt #LatePost (at Blaze Pizza)

Photo shoot with my baby♡ #LatePost

Today marks the 70th year that God has blessed life upon the most important man in my life, my grandfather. He is my best friend and my number one supporter and I could not be anymore grateful to still be able to hold him in my arms and learn from his profound wisdom. He is a man who has conquered happiness in the face of adversity and I am PROUD of him. I love him to the ends of the universe and back. Feliz cumpleaños Papá Tino!♡

Because I miss my baby♥♡♥

Number love ♡ #6sDoItBest #DeltaTheta #DeltaRho #LTA

Vegan pizza♡ (at Purgatory Pizza)

Best chicken tacos e v e r♡

Happiness is a virtue worth living for♡

Happy Birthday to one of the strongest and most beautiful friends I’ve been blessed with♥ I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we first met. We’ve gone through some pretty crazy shiznit together, both good and bad, and I hope that we may continue to be there for eachother until we grow old and grey. I know I’m far away most of the time, but however far away, I will always love you♡ May we always be fatties too lazy to tie our shoe laces and too high on “shrooms” to care(; I love you Sancha love!! @lalalulu324